About Cool Food Planet

Cool Food Planet is an educational website where children, aged 6-12 years, can learn about health, nutrition and food safety. Educating children about nutrition is one of the most important steps towards good health and helping them to grow to their potential.

Cool Food Planet is designed for children to use independently. However, information is also provided for parents and teachers to help them support children’s learning in the classroom and at home.

Cool Food Planet does not feature?any food or drink?brands on the website.


Cool Food Planet is a product of the European Food Information Council (EUFIC). EUFIC is a non-profit organisation which provides science-based information on food safety and quality and health and nutrition in a way that promotes consumer understanding.

EUFIC extensively researched children’s perception of nutrition and their internet usage to inform the website design and to ensure it delivers children’s educational needs in a fun and engaging way. All the content is developed in partnership with science, nutrition and teaching professionals to ensure it is reliable and relevant.

EUFICs priorities:

  • Enhance public understanding of nutritional quality and food safety.
  • Raise consumers’ awareness of the active role they play in safe food handling and choosing a well-balanced and healthy diet.
  • Educate, engage and empower parents to take responsibility for their own and their kids’ health and to develop good lifetime nutritional habits.
  • Provide scientifically sound, useful and constantly updated information gathered from credible science and nutrition professionals.

Contact us

If you have any feedback or questions about Cool Food Planet or EUFIC, then please email us:

Partners and stakeholders

EUFIC works in partnership with science and nutrition professionals. Information that EUFIC publishes has been subject to a review process by members of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB comprises a group of renowned experts from across Europe who advise EUFIC on its information and communication programmes, ensuring that all information is based on scientific evidence, relevance and is factually correct.?Given the broad range of subjects addressed, a dedicated Editorial Board?provides additional insights and feedback.

With its offices located in Brussels (Belgium), EUFIC counts on and liaises with a European network to enhance the impact and outreach of its communication instruments and programmes in other countries. EUFIC actively participates in European initiatives together with the European Commission Directorate Generals for Research, and for Health and Consumers, where it contributes to a number of projects as a research and dissemination partner.

EUFIC is supported by companies of the European food and drinks industries, and receives project funding from the European Commission. It is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected from member companies.

All members subscribe to EUFIC’s transparency statement.

  • EUFIC has been established to provide science-based information and education material on foods and food related topics to health and nutrition professionals, educators, opinion leaders and the news media, in a form understandable to the general public.
  • EUFIC’s publications are based on peer reviewed science and will not promote views which cannot be endorsed by the scientific community at large. All publications must include references to scientific texts or experts.
  • EUFIC will strive to publish in partnership with organisations or recognised experts, acknowledged for their credibility in their field of activity.
  • EUFIC does not act as the spokesperson of industry and does not wish to be perceived as such.
  • All activities must support EUFIC’s mission as a credible and scientifically sound information source.
  • EUFIC respects the specificity of each country and believes that most communication programmes can be established most effectively on a national level.
  • EUFIC will be mindful of the need to address a balanced mix of subjects that enhance EUFIC’s impact, credibility and effectiveness.
  • EUFIC will not promote individual companies’ views or brands nor any other information material, which is not based on peer reviewed science.
  • EUFIC participates in an informal global network of Food Information Councils that share the common goal of communicating science-based information on healthy lifestyle, nutrition and food safety.